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The direct prequel to Parabolic Theatre’s legendary immersive show “For King and Country"...



For our Royal Navy their darkest hour came slightly earlier...
and slightly further away...

It’s September 1940 and history has come adrift.


You are the cream of the Royal Navy’s officers in the Mediterranean. Once dominant, you now face a German Navy that has doubled in size after the seizure of the French fleet. 


A joint German/Italian task force is making its way to Britain to begin the invasion, codenamed Operation Sea Lion.

Pinned down in the middle of the Med, you are outnumbered and it’s going to take every ounce of military coordination, tactics and intelligence to get out.

Captain, what are your orders?




"England Expects" is experienced over Zoom from the comfort of your own home. An immersive theatre game for the current conditions. A team of actors and games masters, all operating remotely, will facilitate your participation guiding you through tasks, missions, and battles in the naval war that never was.


The experience lasts approximately 2hrs 30mins and is played over a computer or laptop. Tablets and phones just won't cut the mustard.

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